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Why is a logo or brand design important?

When thinking of new products or a new business venture, a logo or brand (brand identity) is the last thing on our mind. In fact, when conceptualising a product or service, a logo is the last thing one thinks up until the product has been finalised and the logo can be designed to portray the attributes of that specific product or service. It is however vital to have a logo and below we explain why. Then there is the brand. A brand (or branding) is a bit more complicated than just having your company name in a symbol and font. Your brand and brand identity describe al the attributes of your organisation in something as simple as a symbol like…

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Tfd Traffic

How can I get more traffic to my website?

This is a question many old and new website owners have. Years back business owners used the term: getting feet through the door. Before online shopping and websites getting feet through the door seemed easier than getting visits to your website today. It seemed simple, just have a sale, and advertise it in the local media and put-up posters on lamp posts. Those days, doing this drew feet to your business, and in turn the more feet meant more sales, see easy peasy lemon squeezy. Here at TFD we continually do research on how to help you get more feet through your "online" door and although it’s not as easy as putting up posters anymore. With the correct knowledge, advice, and…

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Ban Before After

Does your website work FOR you?

Work in this context can mean at least 3 different things: work in getting new leads and prospective clients work in terms of it reflecting your brand correctly which means you are targeting the correct market and work effectively on all devices when used by your prospects. If your website doesn’t work FOR you in all 3 of these ways, then you need to consider building a new website.  A site that effectively promotes your services or products and helps to bring in more enquiries. Otherwise, what’s the point in having an online marketing tool that isn’t actively and powerfully WORKING to help your business grow and flourish? In certain cases I’m sure you are aware if your website is doing its job or…

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Tfd Maintenance

Maintenance, what maintenance?

Most people like my mom and dad are not computer geeks and generally don’t understand all this computer and interweb jargon like SEO, Backlinks, Favicon and Hyperlink just to throw a few out there. We all however know that it is important to have a presence (your website) on the interwebs. This presence is your shopfront window to what services and / or products you or your organisation has on offer to consumers on the www. And just as shopkeepers of old use to change and maintain their shopfront window  your presence on the internet also requires change and maintenance. In fact for your website to stay current and able to attract possible clientele, your website requires regular maintenance. This…

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Two Fishes Design has been looking after all our web and design needs from the start. In addition to the successful launch of 3 websites, Esté has also been paramount in helping create brands for 3 different businesses, from Solar to Boating. Thanks for your creativity & professionalism – you’re a joy to work with!

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It has, and still is, a pleasure doing business with Two Fishes Design as I have found them to be professional, creative and friendly. Esté understood our design brief and delivered perfectly. She has always responded promptly and accurately on any further requests for posters and brochures. I would not hesitate in referring anyone.

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Blush Media

When we started our business, we had this wonderful idea of who we wanted to be, but didn’t know how to show the world who we were. I chatted to Esté and in a flash she saw my vision and put together our corporate profile. To this very day we get compliments for our logo.

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Two Fishes Design delivered the final product ahead of schedule, within budget and more than exceeded our expectations in terms of quality, innovation and professionalism. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and instinctively understood what we wanted. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Two Fishes Design to anyone wanting a superior service.

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Euro Appliances

Euro Appliances have been making use of the services of Two Fishes Design over the last years. They did the website for us on which we got very positive comments including from the Viking company in America. We enjoy working with them as they are on time, keep their promises and have creative ideas.

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