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Does your website work FOR you?

Work in this context can mean at least 3 different things:

  1. work in getting new leads and prospective clients
  2. work in terms of it reflecting your brand correctly which means you are targeting the correct market
  3. and work effectively on all devices when used by your prospects.

If your website doesn’t work FOR you in all 3 of these ways, then you need to consider building a new website.  A site that effectively promotes your services or products and helps to bring in more enquiries. Otherwise, what’s the point in having an online marketing tool that isn’t actively and powerfully WORKING to help your business grow and flourish?

In certain cases I’m sure you are aware if your website is doing its job or not. But if you are not sure if your website is doing its job to bring in more sales and enquiries, then it’s time to consider a fully functional website. Read about 6 aspects you can look into to decide whether it’s time for a revamp. (listed in no particular order).

  1. It doesn’t stand out from your competitors

What was hip and modern in technology terms in 2018 will most likely now be old and not have the same impact it had. When you designed your website a few years ago it felt fresh and new, but when you look at it now it just feels outdated and like you have seen the same type of website many times before.

The solution is however an easy one. Do some market research to see what your competitors are doing better and determine what you must do differently to improve on that. Get a new angle on your marketing and contact us to design a fresh new look for your website.

Look at these 2 before and after samples to see what we have done for other clients.

Ban Before After
Ban Before and After

Visit BAN to see the full website.

Matelier Before After2
Matelier Before and After

Visit M Atelier to see how their full website look now.

  1. It doesn’t reflect your Brand

You thought it’s time to update your brand and just added it to your existing website, but never thought to update your website too. Now the site doesn’t reflect the new brand colours or the new look. Not good marketing practice.

OR you had to re-invent your company or strategy post covid and which means the logo itself is outdated or doesn’t reflect your new offering.

We can assist in both cases – lets have a chat about your needs in terms of getting your brand and website up to date.

  1. You’re not attracting the right (or enough) clients

If you are not getting inquiries from the type of clients you want to work with, you are not positioning yourself correctly on the market. This might be because of reason 2 or because you have not updated your content. Always curate your work. Check the content, images and galleries you show on your website, and make it relevant to your current business dealings.

By updating content, or even just regularly loading new content, your website will feel more up to date and Google will more regularly crawl your website.

  1. Outdated technologies or code

This one affects your visitors’ experience. The digital world is constantly changing and evolving. If you’ve built your website over 4 years ago, most likely it’s far behind in terms of looks and functionality. It probably has outdated code that can slow down its loading speed or the way it responds on different devices. It may also not be compatible with some of the latest browsers which can frustrate potential clients.

Ask us to review your website in terms of code and load speed to see how we can assist in improving your prospective clients’ experience.

Psa Before After
PSA BV Before After

Visit PSA BV to see how their full website look now.

  1. It’s not mobile friendly

Hopefully this is not the case, but if you still don’t have a mobile friendly website there is no time like now! If you look at the statistics MORE THAN 50% of users visit websites via their phone. And if your site is not compatible for 50% of the market, what a waste it will be!

Mobile optimized websites is VERY important and it won’t go away in the coming years. Don’t waste your website by having it perform poorly on mobile – it’s one of those crucial business aspects that you can’t ignore anymore.

  1. Possible security breach

To be honest, new or old, any website can be hacked. However, older websites rely on older technology, therefore chances of security breach are higher. Make sure your website is up to date by doing regular maintenance. For more about website maintenance, read more here: Maintenance, what maintenance

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