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How can I get more traffic to my website?

This is a question many old and new website owners have.

Years back business owners used the term: getting feet through the door. Before online shopping and websites getting feet through the door seemed easier than getting visits to your website today.

It seemed simple, just have a sale, and advertise it in the local media and put-up posters on lamp posts. Those days, doing this drew feet to your business, and in turn the more feet meant more sales, see easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Here at TFD we continually do research on how to help you get more feet through your “online” door and although it’s not as easy as putting up posters anymore. With the correct knowledge, advice, and help (our side), and effort (from your side). It is possible to get more web traffic which will certainly mean more sales.

Here are some quick and fast ways to get more feet onto your online pages:

  1. Ensure your SEO is adequate. (click here to find out more about SEO: ).
  2. Use social media to boost your content and website.
  3. Ensure your website is optimized for all platforms, and that your website reaction speed is adequate.

The longer road is adding the following to the previous:

  1. Create a blog with striking headlines and invite other bloggers to collaborate & enhance your blog by incorporating some awesome visuals and video’s.
  2. Ensure that your website is Search Engine Optimized. You can do this by using target keywords, and long-tail keywords that are placed strategically and ensuring that the webite’s SERP appearance is optimised (click here to find out what is SERP: ).
  3. Implement Schema markup to help with boosting your website’s SEO (click here to find out more: ). And track your websites SEO metrics with Google Analytics. Having internal links and creating back links on your website also helps.
  4. Optimize your listings on search pages.
  5. A websites content must be regularly updated and refreshed and just as important as this is maintaining the backend of your website.
  6. Social media must be utilised to promote your website’s content and use ample hashtags and target amplifiers. Post articles in LinkedIn and try and interview industry leaders and place the interview on your Blog. Create share buttons to enable patrons to share your content on all social media platforms. Host webinars and create a online community and regularly participate on online forums. You can even list your content on aggregator sites. Advertise on social media or on any media that may draw feet.
  7. Ensure that your social media posts are published at the right time.
  8. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but hosting webinars and regularly participating in forum discussions help.
  9. Submit your content to aggregator sites.
  10. Start an email newsletter.
  11. Do regular research on the competition to see how you can differentiate yourself.
  12. Create a free tool on your website, that can be used by visitors that will entice them to come back.
  13. Identify any queries with Google Search Console.
  14. Analyse the SERP with SEO tools.
  15. Audit your site with website graders.

Unfortunately there is no silver bullet, using some or all of these hints will surely improve the traffic to your website dependant on how much effort you exert on these hints.

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