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Why is a logo or brand design important?

When thinking of new products or a new business venture, a logo or brand (brand identity) is the last thing on our mind.

In fact, when conceptualising a product or service, a logo is the last thing one thinks up until the product has been finalised and the logo can be designed to portray the attributes of that specific product or service. It is however vital to have a logo and below we explain why.

Then there is the brand. A brand (or branding) is a bit more complicated than just having your company name in a symbol and font. Your brand and brand identity describe al the attributes of your organisation in something as simple as a symbol like the Nike swish.

But now you thinking “but that’s a logo, right?” Well, yes, it is. Initially the designers of Blue Ribbon Sports required a symbol (logo) to represent their product. They started using the Swish as their logo and later the company name was changed to Nike and the slogan “Just do it” was added some time later. Today however, Nike is not just a symbol and a name but their swish and tagline are associated with good value sport clothing. Point being, Nike did not start out as the Nike we know today and their brand and brand identity was only built after acquiring the swish as their logo.

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Altnatve Mockup 01
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Probigal Jar

So why is it important to start with a logo and build it into a brand and brand identity?

Because branding today is more important than the years before the internet and social media.

Think of Woolworths. A lot of people will say Woolworths represents expensive clothing and food, others will say it represents quality products that last. The fact is: even those that feel Woolworths represents expensive goods, are patrons of Woolworths because their products last longer than some competitor’s products.

These are perceptions. And what customers perceive is because of your brand identity that is displayed by your logo/brand. On social media many logo’s/brands are displayed via adds, posts, online feeds etc. The logos and brands seen on social media lead possible customers to your products. Unfortunately, if you have a logo or brand that is not recognisable or connected to a positive perception, you will gain almost no new customers.

Bains View Olive Guest Farm Logo Solid Background Colour 03
Bains View Olive Guest Farm Logo Solid Background Colour 04
Bainsview Olive Oil

So here is the hard and fast rules about why a logo or brand is important.

  1. Your logo needs to grab new customers attention or tickle their interest and even relay core values to them.
  2. It must have a strong first impression, if designed well it will peak interest and it will communicate your ownership of the products and services you sell.
  3. Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand identity and it is all about telling your story and influencing consumers emotions.
  4. The logo must be memorable, it is the seed that is planted in you customers consciousness about your products. Your logo must be artistic, stylish, pleasing, be of good taste, beautiful and draw attraction. And not be easily forgotten.
  5. It should set you apart from your competition. Your logo conveys your values and shows that you are not like your competition.
  6. Your logo must advance brand loyalty and as your brand grows it will become familiar to a wider range of customers. Familiarity creates the perception of trustworthiness and accessibility.
  7. As it is the first thing your audience sees when you communicate with them your logo must be the focus point of all your communication and marketing materials from emails, business cards, invoices, statement, advertisement’s and marketing etc.

Please feel free to contact us, so that we can help establish your logo / brand identity.

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