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Maintenance, what maintenance?

Most people like my mom and dad are not computer geeks and generally don’t understand all this computer and interweb jargon like SEO, Backlinks, Favicon and Hyperlink just to throw a few out there.

We all however know that it is important to have a presence (your website) on the interwebs. This presence is your shopfront window to what services and / or products you or your organisation has on offer to consumers on the www. And just as shopkeepers of old use to change and maintain their shopfront window  your presence on the internet also requires change and maintenance.

In fact for your website to stay current and able to attract possible clientele, your website requires regular maintenance. This maintenance includes maintaining the general working of your website and keeping all that code (what you DON’T see on your website) in place and current and also keeping the content (what you DO see on your website) current and up to date. Maintaining and keeping your website content relevant and ensuring your SEO (this is what makes your shopfront window easy to find by all the google stuff) is up to scratch will make the search engines (the google stuff) find and link your website easier to searches on them.

Unfortunately just like your car, a website if it is not maintained regularly will become more of a hassle than a help.

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