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Packaging and label design is special to our heart because it is so different from other graphic design.

We have designed labels for a range of gins and chillies, essentials oils bottles and book/diary covers and e-book covers. Also menu design for print or online view and yoga mat designs.
One of our biggest clients is Prime Art whose all packaging needs we look after on a daily basis.

Hbhd Gin
Hbhd Navy
Otg Active
White Gin 079 500ml
Pink Gin 079 500ml
Bluegin079 500ml
Gin Collection 079
Probigal Jar
Cowboy Candy Green
Cowboy Candy Red
Cowboy Candy Jalepenos Tropical Jar Size Front
Cowboy Candy Jalepenos Tropical Sauce
Cowboy Candy Jalepenos Tropical 3l Front
Iris Acrylic 75ml Generic 1
Primeart Pna

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